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Travel appointments must be cancelled with at least 24 hours notice if unable to attend.

Failure to comply may lead to a second appointment not being offered and the patient being advised to attend a private travel clinic.

Consideration for a further appointment, if less than required notice given, would be only in exceptional circumstances at the practice’s discretion.

Adult Immunisations and Travel Vaccination Service

It is not just children who require vaccinations. Vaccinations are often required by adults for travel to some worldwide destinations where the risk of infection is high. Certain occupations also carry an increased risk of infection. We are a recognized Yellow Fever Vaccination Centre and this service is available with our travel vaccine advice. Please contact our receptionist for an appointment with our Practice Nursing team for further information. More Info

“Antimalarials should not be prescribed on the NHS for prophylaxis” – DoH 1995 (FMSL(95) 7)

Patients should be advised to find out if there are any restrictions on taking medicines either prescribed or bought from a pharmacy in and out of the UK or the country they will be visiting. The UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) website ( has a full list of foreign embassies in the UK. ( More Info

We have a Travel Policy whereby anyone travelling abroad and requiring advice and updates on travel vaccinations MUST inform us EIGHT WEEKS in advance of their travel. There are very few exceptions to this rule!

The reason we have had to initiate this policy is that our Practice Nurses have a plethora of work to carry out on chronic disease management, diabetic clinics, respiratory clinics, dressings, venepuncture, post operative wound care, new patient medicals etc. etc. and as an NHS Organisation we are happy to try and provide a travel vaccination service within the limits of what we can cope with.

However the number of our patients travelling abroad requiring vaccinations has mushroomed over the last few years and there are peak times for this international travel that our NHS service simply can’t cope with.

Travel vaccinations ARE NOT just a jag! They often require a lot of time discussing health risks and potential epidemics in the areas which our patients are travelling to – including malaria, schistosomiasis and other tropical diseases. They are very time consuming for our highly skilled nurses.

To allow us to provide this service – in addition to all of the other NHS services we provide – WE NEED EIGHT WEEKS NOTICE to factor in the demand and allow us to deal safely and effectively with the requirements. This will include proof of travel.

Drug Misuse Clinic

We have a dedicated clinic once per month - conducted by Dr. Graham and a Drug Counsellor from the local Community Addiction Team. This is specifically for patients with long standing problems of heroin, cocaine and cannabis addictions. We also provide services for patients with alcohol and smoking problems who wish help with their addictions. The clinic is run outwith standard surgery times to provide a more personal service for the benefit of the patients themselves and the other patients in the practice.

Dr. Graham was a Consultant Trainer with Glasgow Drug Problem Service prior to the introduction of the citywide Community Addiction Teams and has a special interest in the attendant problems associated with addiction.

Diabetic Clinic

This clinic is held on a Monday afternoon and appointments are arranged via the practice nurse.

More Info

Drop in Baby Clinic

This clinic is held on a Monday afternoon 2.00 p.m. – 4.00 p.m. It is run by the Health Visitor and no appointment is necessary.

Child Immunisations

The child immunisation clinic is held every Tuesday morning at 10.30a.m. Appointments are arranged by the Health Board and you will receive your child’s appointment by post. 

If you have missed your Child’s appointment an alternative appointment will be arranged by the Health Visitor.

Child Health Surveillance

This clinic is held every Tuesday afternoon between 2.00 pm - 3.30 pm.

The clinic is run with the Health Visitor and GP. Appointments are arranged by the Health Board and you will receive your child’s appointment by post.

If you have missed your Child’s appointment an alternative appointment will be arranged by the Health Visitor.

Wart Clinic

Although we no longer have a dedicated wart clinic – most of the doctors can provide this service during their standard consultations. Ask our reception staff for further details.

Ante-Natal Clinic

As of Wed 4th November 2009 all antenatal care will be provided by SGH Midwives at Pollok Health Centre.

The clinics will be held on:
Wednesday: 09.00am – 12.30pm
Monday   12.30pm – 15.30pm

Please call 0141 201 2256 to arrange an appointment.

Cervical Smears

Appointments are available with either the Practice Nurse/GP by telephoning the surgery to arrange a double appointment.

More Info

Asthma Clinic

Appointments for the above clinic can be made with the Practice Nurse by telephoning the surgery.

More Info

COPD Clinic

We offer spirometry sessions at least annually to all of our patients with bronchitis, emphysema and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease with the opportunity for a medication review, optimisation of treatment and referral to pulmonary rehabilitation classes when appropriate

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Hypertension Clinic

It is widely accepted that good blood pressure control is beneficial to your health. Although current clinical guidelines suggest that ambulatory blood pressure monitoring is the gold standard for diagnosis, regular attendance at our nurses, health care assistant and if necessary doctors can optimise your treatment and blood pressure control.

Sports Medicine Service

Dr. Graham and Dr. Watson both have special interests in Sports Medicine and Sports Injuries. We also offer a service of soft tissue and joint injections when clinically appropriate for the more common sports and musculo-skeletal injuries together with rehabilitation advice.

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